Photo Credit: Joe Brusky

‚Äč‚ÄčAbout Marcelia Nicholson

Marcelia Nicholson was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI in the 53206 zip code. She is a proud product of Milwaukee Public Schools and graduated from Milwaukee School of Languages. She went on to graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee .  Marcelia is currently the Vice-Chairwoman on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors and works as Vice President at the Milwaukee Area Service and Hospitality Workers Organization (MASH), the union and hiring hall for jobs in the Bucks Arena District. She currently serves on Parks, Energy and Environment committee, and chairs the Economic and Community Development committee at the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors.  Marcelia loves to serve her community. She is a member of the Milwaukee Art Museum Board of Trustees, Continuum of Care Executive Board, Milwaukee Public Museum Board of Trustees, and the Milwaukee Public Library Board of Trustees. 

Marcelia is an avid fighter for public education and encourages community empowerment. She was proud to receive the cover of NEA Today, and was able to share her story, her commitment  and reasons for her work.  In the article, Social Justice Activism is Forming a More Perfect Union,  it says, "Nicholson typifies the young, idealistic and energetic educator who are rising in numbers in our schools and in NEA. She is active in her union because she knows it involves educators taking the lead on social reform in their communities and combatting the racism, classism and prejudice so many students and their families experience every day."  

You can also learn about Supervisor Nicholson's work and commitment by visiting her Milwaukee County Supervisor Page by clicking here: